Cycle Insurance Articles

Here you will find a selection of useful articles and guides to help you with all aspects of cycling. From our security advice and maintenance guides to our road safety and home contents insurance guides, have a browse through our selection and see what you can find.

Improve Your Cycle

There are many after-market modifications available to improve the cycle, or are intended to increase road safety....

Which Cycle for You?

In this ever expanding market, it is really worth taking some time to look around at all the different types and styles of cycles available and then, choose the right one for your needs...

Guide to Cycle Maintenance

A quick Cycle Insurance bicycle cleaning and maintenance guide to help keep your cycle safe and reliable.

When Choosing Your Insurance

When choosing your Cycle Insurance you need to ensure that you are covered for the following...

Personal or Competitive Use

There has been a rise in cycle ownership over the last 10 years, with drivers increasingly aware of the impact they have on the environment...

The Benefits of Cycling

Did you know that as a form of exercise, cycling is now the third most popular activity in the country?

Cycling Proficiency Test

The 'Cycling Proficiency Test' was the original name given to the qualification now known as 'Bikeability'.

Commuting by Bicycle

With the costs of fuel rising, and parking spaces becoming rarer and rarer, being able to glide past motorists stuck in a traffic jam whilst on your bicycle in the cycle lane does have a certain appeal.

Road Safety Tips

Here at Cycle Insurance we have put together some essential road safety tips for our customers.

Cycle Security Guide

According to the Home Office, 109,581 bicycles were reported stolen in Britain last year. Take a look at our bicycle security guide.

Third Party Liability

This section of the cover helps with legal costs and compensation for any injury or damage that you cause as a cyclist to any third party.

Home Contents & Bicycles

Here at Cycle Insurance One of the common questions about bicycle insurance is "Is my bicycle covered by my home insurance?"