Ways to Improve Your Cycle

There are many after-market modifications available for cycle owners to purchase which may improve the style and aesthetics of the cycle. Others are intended for their functionality or for increased road safety.

Most of these will be included in your bicycle value and will be covered as part of your Cycle Insurance.

Listed below are some of the items you may wish to consider:

  • Cycle reflectors and lights can be added to both the front and rear of any cycle. These will make you more visible to other road users; something especially important for night time use or during conditions of poor visibility.

  • Bags and baskets can make a cycle a more practical machine. They also reduce the temptation to carry bags on the handlebars which is a dangerous activity.

  • Bells and horns can be added to ensure other road users are aware of the cyclist.

  • Mirrors can be added so that approaching vehicles can be seen; this is especially useful when cyclists wish to turn right and need to manoeuvre to the middle of the lane.

  • Cycle tyre pumps are a really useful piece of kit but these should not be left on the cycle when it is unattended as they are easily stolen.

  • Cycle computers are becoming increasingly popular and can be used to measure the speed you are travelling at, the distance travelled as well as the average speed; important information if you are using your cycle as part of a fitness programme.

  • Mudguards provide wheel coverage but are generally not fitted to many new cycles. These provide protection from the mud and water spray that the tyres generate in wet or muddy conditions.

  • Cycle gears can be modified to make the cycle more suitable to a wider range of riding conditions, improving efficiency and providing a more enjoyable ride.

  • Portable satellite navigation systems can be added to bicycles to help find the quickest, safest route.

  • Water bottles and drink‚Äôs holders are a must for any long distance use and competitive cycling to provide essential hydration.

  • There are a wide range of security devices available including padlocks and chains, loop locks, identification markers and micro chip tracking devices.

  • Cycle helmets are an essential piece of kit for any cyclist and should always be worn.
    (Check out our article on Road Safety Tips!)

  • Finally there is a wide range of cycle wear available designed to provide support, keep you noticeable to other road users and to also prevent uncomfortable chaffing.

Please remember to always notify your Cycle Insurance company of any modifications made to your cycle.