Cycle Insurance Third Party Liability

Cycle Insurance has several different aspects to each policy, one of which is Third Party Liability.

This section of the cover helps with legal costs and compensation for any injury or damage that you cause as a cyclist to any third party, whether that is a pedestrian, a vehicle, or property such as a fence or gate.

If you were to collide with a pedestrian whilst cycling, you can cause serious injury. Although you are not likely to be travelling as fast as you could in a car, there are still a lot of area's on your bicycle that can cause injuries to anyone you hit or clip if you were not cycling carefully. Even with the best intentions, accidents do happen, if someone were to run across in front of you or trip and fall unexpectedly then you could be facing a hefty compensation bill.

If you damage a vehicle, for instance scraping your pedal along a parked car or colliding with a moving vehicle, if you are found to be at fault then again you could face a large bill for the repair of the damage and possibily compensation to the driver if they were injured.

Some vehicles can cost a lot of money to repair even a small scratch, for example a top of the range sports car with a custom paintjob, you could be looking at a bill reaching into thousands of pounds. Cycle Insurance would help you pay this.

This is called Third Party Property Damage. If you were to crash into someones garden fence and damage or break the panels, or in any way damage another persons property, then the same would apply as with the vehicle example above.

So why not get a quote for Cycle Insurance today and see just how little it could cost you to get the cover that you require?