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Since we launched in 2013, our goal has always been to give you the best variety and selection of cycle insurance companies in the UK. We work with some fantastic, award-winning insurers that are renowned in the industry at providing first class customer service and offering superb cover for your cycle equipment. We work very closely with them to make sure they're the right fit and have the same attitude as us, so you know you'll be in safe hands.

Over 200,000 people have used to help find their cycle insurance solution so whether you’ve just started out, or own a collection of road, mountain and e-bikes then you’ll be able to find cover to suit your needs.

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If you have a spare couple of minutes, you just need to enter the details of the bicycle/s, choose any additional features you might want to include and a few personal details and you will be taken to the quote results which is displayed in an easy to follow table, so you can pick the policy that suits your needs.

What is Cycle Insurance?

Cycle insurance protects you if your bicycle is stolen, damaged or vandalized. This will cover the bike whilst you are out and about on it and whilst it’s locked up at home.

  • Theft

  • Accidental damage

  • Malicious damage

More Cycle Insurance features
  • Public liability

  • Personal accident

  • Worldwide

  • Commuting

  • Competition

How Does it Work?

Buying cycle insurance from us is very simple. We work with a whole host of insurers that make up our panel, so all you need to do is pick the company that offers you the insurance you want at a price you’re happy with.

Typically you’ll pay an annual fee for your cycle insurance (though some providers allow you to pay in monthly instalments).

Do I need cycle insurance?

Although it’s not compulsory to insure your bicycle, it’s highly advisable, if you have an expensive bike and you don’t want to have to pay the full amount to replace the bicycle if something happened to it.

What types of bicycles can your panel insure?
Hybrid bike
Cyclocross bike
BMX bike
Folding bikes
Bike Theft

Due to the recent rise in popularity of cycling, the demand for bikes has increased. Bike sales have also grown, but unfortunately so has bike theft, due to their high resale value. Over 300,000 bicycles are reported stolen each year. It is also believed that around 70% of bike thefts are not reported, so that figure could actually be nearer 800,000!!

Sources: Office of National Statistics,

What is covered?

Cycle insurance policies can offer a range of different cover levels depending on how much you want to pay and which insurer you choose to go with.

Remember to always check your policy wording before you purchase your cycle insurance so you know exactly what to expect should you need to claim.

In general, cycle insurance policies can include the following policy benefits:

Accidental Damage

A staple of cycle insurance cover, all policies should offer some level of protection against accidental damage. How much and under what circumstances this damage occurs can differ greatly between insurers.

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Loss and Theft

This is another very common policy benefit and on the whole, as long as your cycle is safely and securely stored in your insured location or locked with a suitable bike lock, you will be protected under most cycle insurance policies.

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Personal Accident

This cover usually pays a benefit amount for the more serious injuries that could happen to you as a result of an accident whilst riding your bike.

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Worldwide Cover

Many cycle insurance policies offer worldwide cover as an optional add-on to a UK policy. There are often exclusions for countries where there is a UK government travel advisory warning people about visiting.

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Competition Cover

For triathletes and cycle competition enthusiasts, cycle insurance policies often provide additional cover if your cycle is damaged or lost during a race so if you’re a keen, competitive cyclist then it’s likely this cover will suit your needs.

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Commuting Cover

If you rely on your bike to get into work, then commuting cover is something you should seriously consider. This is usually an optional extra that you can select during your purchase.

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Cycle Accessories

It’s fairly common to have cycle accessories cover in place in your cycle insurance policy. This can cover loss and damage to any number of things including helmets, bike locks and in some cases even cycle clothing. As always, make sure you check your policy wording for specifics before you buy.

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Public Liability

For those unfortunate incidents that cause injury or damage to third parties, public liability is an important part of cycle insurance, particularly if you cycle competitively.

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Legal Expenses

This will usually cover your legal costs, including court costs and solicitor fees if you need professional help or advice if a dispute was to arise.

Bicycle Security

Even if you do insure your bike, securing your bike properly, whilst its left unattended, is very important. Most insurers will have stipulations of where and/or how the bike should be locked up so it’s always worth referring to the insurers policy wording to understand their terms. Whilst you are out and about a common requirement is that the bike is locked through the frame of the bike to an immovable object and may also require a certain type of bike lock.

Bike locks vary in quality, to make things easier to understand many bike locks are now graded by an independent test house, Sold Secure. If the lock has a Sold Secure rating this can often be found on the packaging of the lock, if you are unsure you can check using this link to the Sold Secure website and entering the locks make and model. They use three simple categories (bronze, silver and gold) to rate the level of security provided by the product, with bronze being the lowest and gold being the highest.

Bike insurance vs Home insurance

A common question we hear is: Why would I buy standalone bicycle insurance when I can just include it on my home insurance? It’s a good question. We have listed a number of things you should consider:


    The "excess" is the amount of money you have to pay towards a claim. Quite often on a home insurance this can be in the hundreds of pounds, which can be quite a chunk to pay, bicycle insurance usually has a much lower excess.


    Home insurance can often have limits to the value of items being insured, especially the items being taken away from the home. You can sometimes specify these and increase the limit, but this usually incurs an additional premium, however with the top end bike costing thousands, this can even exceed a home insurer's specified item limit.


    Because home insurance covers so much more than just your bicycle, the higher premium reflects that risk. Some people decide against insuring their bikes on their home insurance to protect the no claims bonus they have accumulated over the years should they need to make a claim for their bike.


    Home insurance will usually cover the standard risk: Theft, Accidental and Malicious Damage, however you might opt for a bicycle insurance policy due to the additional associated benefits that can either be added or come with the policy as standard. For example, Personal Accident Cover, Public Liability, Legal Expenses, Replacement bike hire Bike breakdown Cover and Worldwide cover.


    Most bicycle insurance will either offer or include cover if you're are using your bike to compete.


    If your bicycle isn't covered on your home insurance as standard it can be cheaper to purchase bicycle insurance rather than add it on to your existing home insurance. Why not get a quote from your home insurer and our comparison website to compare the cover and price.


    If you are renting or in a house share you may not have or need home insurance, so bicycle insurance might be your only or favored option.

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