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Cycling is as popular as ever, with upcoming and continued Government schemes, there are now more cyclists on the roads than ever before. It’s a hobby that will not only get you where you’re going, but also keep you fit, happier and an all-round carbon neutral hero. But be wary, with such great benefits come some difficulties. Bike theft is on the rise, with cities such as London, Oxford and Edinburgh the most affected. But never fear, there are some great ways to ensure you’ll be well protected whilst you’re saving the planet.

Get Yourself Some Cycle Insurance

Well we pretty much had to put this one first! You might be asking yourself though, why is cycle insurance so important? Most people assume that bicycles are covered in content insurance, whilst this may be the case if your bike is taken from inside your home, if you’re out and about (as we often are on our bikes) then you’ll need separate insurance.

Cycle insurance almost always covers outright theft. This is the main cause of claims and on of the biggest problem facing cyclists nationally. Always make sure your bike is stored as safely as it can be.

Some of the best benefits of cycle insurance are often within the policies themselves, options such as whole family cover, replacement bike hires and the inclusion of electric bikes are all offered. It is, however, important to check all policy documents before taking out insurance, just to make sure you’re getting the correct cover.

All insurers we present on our site are trusted, professional, specialist insurers who have excellent experience with dealing with cycle insurance, so you’re in safe hands.

Get it on Lockdown

We can’t stress the importance of a good lock enough. Get the best one you can afford, a lot of insurance policies depend on your bike lock being good enough, so it’s well worth investing in a strong and reliable one.

Light Yourself Up

The brighter the better. Some insurance policies even cover cycle accessories too, so why not pedal the extra mile and make yourself shine on the roads? Helmet lights, frame lights and even lights that you can stick to your clothing are all great ways of making you more visible to motorists and pedestrians.