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Benefits of Cycling

By Updated June 2020.

Here at CycleInsurance.co.uk we know that cycling can be beneficial for your health in many different ways. We’ve put together a handy article that can take you through all the great benefits cycling can offer.

Did you know that as a form of exercise, cycling is now the third most popular activity in the country, with thousands of people cycling every day?

It has often been suggested that people who cycle on a regular basis will normally live longer than non-cyclists and have a fitness level equivalent to someone ten years younger.

There are lots of physical benefits to cycling; you give your body a great workout each time you hop on your bike. Your thighs and calves will feel the most benefit, quickly firming up and strengthening the muscles. Cycling is also one of the few exercises than can help to reduce cellulite on your thighs. You will also give your cardio-vascular system a good workout, which can help to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes and can also help to prevent diabetes and high blood pressure. It will increase your stamina, which will help to relieve tiredness and fatigue, and can also be a great way to lose weight as your body uses up any fat reserves as fuel.

As well as being great for your health, cycling is a great mode of transport and very green, saving the environment and reducing your carbon footprint. There are many benefits to using a bike over a car. They are a fraction of the cost, don’t need any fuel, are very cheap to run and maintain, and extremely easy to park! You can fit 20 bicycles into the same space it takes to park one car. If you live on the outskirts of town, for example, you may find that a cycle is a great way to commute to work. Especially if you live in London, where there is so much car traffic on the roads that you may be able to cut your journey time down significantly by cycling!

A typical off the rack cycle costs under £400 and will last around 5 years (or more.) You can expect to pay around £50-100 basic maintenance per year on a cycle that is used on a regular basis, e.g. commuting. With the average cost of a new car obviously much higher, you can immediately see the cost effectiveness of a bicycle. There are also no fuelling costs, unless you include any extra food you may eat as a result of all the exercise! With petrol prices nowadays, this is yet another added saving.

It also requires only a fraction of the amount of materials used in the manufacture of a car to create a bicycle. You don’t require driving lessons, any form of license, road tax or an MOT to run a cycle either. All you need is your bike, and your destination, although a helmet is highly recommended. (See our Road Safety Tips)

So there you have just some of the main reasons why a cycle might be for you. Don’t forget to look at Cycle Insurance if you do decide to start riding, whether for pleasure or commuting, you still should consider the benefits of insurance discussed in our Cycle Insurance Guide.

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