Competition and Commuting
What You Need To Know

By . Updated September 2021.

What is Competition and Commuting Cover?

Competition and Commuting cover is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s cover that’s designed to protect you if you take part in bicycle competitions or commute to work using your bike.

Do I Need it?

If you currently have cycle insurance that doesn’t includes competition and commuting cover and you make a claim whilst participating in either of these activities, then you may find your claim is not successful.

So if you’re a keen competition entrant or a commuter cyclist, then you should check your cover now, to make sure that it includes commuting and/or competition cover so that you’re protected in either instance.

Is It Always Offered?

Competition and commuting cover is not always offered as a standard policy benefit in cycle insurance policies. Often it’s an optional extra that customers can choose to select during their quote journey.

Never assume that your insurance will include something like competition and commuting cover, it’s always best to check your certificate of insurance or policy details to be sure.

Do I Have to Have Both?

Absolutely not. Some insurers will give you the option of either commuting or competition cover depending on which is relevant for you.

What Does Competition Cover Include?

When it comes to just competition cover, you’ll be covered for accidental damage and theft that occurs during any cycling competition environment (including the transition area) within the UK (or worldwide, if included in your cover).

Competitions can be incredibly busy, high-stress environments and with so many riders in enclosed areas, accidents and damage can happen frequently and competition cover can help provide peace-of-mind throughout your event.

Also it may include the reimbursement of race fees if injury or illness prevents you participating or if the event is cancelled.

Remember to always check your policy wording before you purchase your cycle insurance

What Does Commuting Cover Include?

Commuting, like competitions, can be dangerous for cyclists and accidents are often more common here due to increased traffic on the roads. Also, there may be an increased risk if the bike is left locked up by a train station or on a bike rack near your place of work.

Remember to always check your policy wording before you purchase your cycle insurance

How to Find Out More

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