Personal Accident Cover
What You Need To Know

By . Updated September 2021.

What is Personal Accident Cover?

Personal Accident cover is a policy benefit of cycle insurance that protects you if you injure yourself whilst using your bicycle.

It’s important to remember that not all injuries will be covered and which injuries are covered will depend on your insurance provider. It’s always important to check your policy wording before you buy insurance but even more so when it comes to personal accident cover; make sure you know exactly what you’ll be covered for if you need to claim.

How Does it Work?

Personal accident cover generally works by lump sum payments depending on the seriousness of your injury and what level of cover you have in your policy.

Some cycle insurance providers offer different levels of personal accident cover, so be on the look out when getting your quote to see what options are available

Do I Need It?

Personal Accident cover, even for professional cyclists is not a legal requirement. It is completely down to the customer as to whether they feel like they need or would like it included in their policy. Generally people who do cycle in large competitions or in particularly busy cities may feel that personal accident cover would suit them better than someone who only cycles recreationally in rural areas.

Is Personal Accident Cover Always Available?

No. Personal accident cover is usually an optional add-on to your cycle insurance quote. Very few cycle insurers offer it as standard.

When you check our quote table, be on the look out for which insurers do offer it if it’s something you’d like included as not every insurer will give you the option of adding it onto your quote.

How to Find Out More

To find out more about bike insurance check out our FAQs section

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