Public Liability
What You Need To Know

By . Updated September 2021.

What is Public Liability?

When it comes to cycle insurance, public liability provides you with cover if a third party is injured or their property is damaged due to you riding your bike. For example, if you were taking part in an organised cycling event and came off your bike which continued and hit a spectator, public liability would provide you with protection if that person were injured.

How Much Does Public Liability Cost?

This can vary depending on how much liability cover you need. Generally speaking, insurance policies will offer Public Liability cover from £1 million all the way up to £10 million.

Do I Need it?

It's usually not compulsory but its sensible to have in the instance that you lose control or a pedestrian walks out in front of you and you were to injure them or cause damage to their property. You may well be asked to prove your cover if you are competing in an event.

What if I Need to Claim?

If you need to make a claim for public liability then as with all claims, phone your insurer in the first instance. Public liability claims are rare, but they can be very stressful due to third party involvements.

Your insurer will know the process and be able to talk you through what you need to do and which documents you need to provide in order for your claim to be processed correctly. But as a rule of thumb, make sure you request and keep all documents that pertain to your accident, just in case you need them.

How to Find Out More

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