Cycling abroad?
What You Need To Know

By . Updated September 2021.

What is Worldwide Cover?

As the name suggests, cover abroad for cycle insurance provides you with protection when you travel internationally with your bike. You may have an option to select EU or worldwide cover depending on the insurer.

Is cover abroad Right for Me?

If you are planning on travelling internationally with your bike then cover abroad will most likely be very useful for you.

Is Cover abroad Included as Standard?

No, every policy is different. Some insurers will include cover for cycling abroad as standard, others will offer this as an option and allow you to add this on when getting a quote and there are also some insurers that do not offer this at all.

Can I Add Worldwide Cover to a Live Policy?

This will entirely depend on which insurer you’re with. Some insurers may charge you an admin fee to add the cover mid-term, and you may also be covered by an insurer that doesn’t offer this cover so you may be forced to cancel your policy and find a more suitable policy. So it may be best to enquire about this before taking out a policy if there’s a chance you want to take your bike abroad..

How to Find Out More

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